Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences

The Graduate School of the University of Charleston, South Carolina and The Citadel offer a joint graduate program for an accredited Master of Science degree in Computer and Information Sciences and graduate-level certificate programs in Cybersecurity and Software Engineering.

The Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences degree offers four specializations: Cybersecurity, Information Systems, and Software Engineering are targeted toward working professionals and recent graduates who want to work in Charleston’s exploding tech sector, while the fourth specialization, Computer Science, is more theoretical and is targeted toward students who are interested in further research in a Ph.D. program or a research laboratory.

The graduate-level certificate program attracts working professionals who seek to gain high-demand skills in a shorter period of time, and who do not require a graduate degree.

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Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics

The first master’s degree of its kind in South Carolina, the College’s new Master of Data Science and Analytics offers students from any undergraduate program access to an advanced degree in the growing field of data science. The new graduate degree in data science will focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and analytics with an emphasis on producing the next evolution of advanced data science practicioners. Enrollment begins Summer 2019 and applications are due by February 1st.

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