Experiential Learning


The responsibility of finding an internship is the priority of the student, however, through partnerships with tech companies, the department and the College are prepared to help with your search.


  • Apply what you have learned
  • Gain hands-on experience
  • Improve professional and social skills
  • Bolstering self-esteem and resume


Being an intern comes with many responsibilities.  As an ambassador for our department, we hope that you will work hard to be an asset to the company, thus allowing them to feel excited about extending future opportunities to your peers. You should take the knowledge you gain from the internship experience and use it to improve your academic experience, encourage your classmates, and mold your desired post-graduation path.

We wish you success as you test your academic skills outside of our walls.

Study Abroad:

Since the Department of Computer Science at the College of Charleston was established in 1980, CS@CofC students have been coding around the world. CS Students have studied abroad in Estonia, Italy, Turkey, Japan, the United Kingdom, Ireland and many other countries around the globe.  In 2016 Dr. Bill Manaris, Program Director, Computing in the Arts, and the Center for International Education at the College of Charleston established an International Exchange Program with The American College of Greece.  In addition to studying abroad, CS Students have travelled around the world presenting their undergraduate research at international conferences in Australia, Austria, Ireland, and Italy.     

Explore Your World...

Through the Center for International Education, students can select from a variety of study abroad programs: Affiliate ProgramsCofC Faculty Led Programs, or International Exchange Programs.  Scholarships are also available for students through the Center for International Education to assist with funding.

To Get Started:

-       Explore your options – Meet with your CS Faculty Advisor or talk to CS@CofC students that have studied abroad!

-      Attend an Advising Session at the Center for International Education

-      Apply and Study Abroad!!!