Software Career Advancement Club (Association for Machinery Chapter)

What is CofC ACM?

The CofC ACM isn't just another computer club. It's a student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, the largest and most influential technology group in the world. The ACM helps fund and advance research in many areas of technology, including the development of research skills in undergraduate colleges and universities around the world. Our ACM chapter hosts several workshops throughout the year, helping teach students necessary skills not taught in the classroom. Past workshop themes include Linux Virtualization and GitHub. Additionally, ACM hosts multiple social events including their biggest event of the year, Over Night Game Fight. Students come together for a night of community interaction, video games, pizza and energy drinks!

Can I Join?

Unlike many other academic groups on campus, this is not limited to one major. We have many members from the Computer Science Department, but we also have members from Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, and majors in non-scientific fields. In fact, the only restriction for membership is that you must be a student at the College of Charleston with an interest in technology.

ACM High School Programming Competition

Each year, ACM organizes an exciting high school programming competition.  Utilizing Python and Java, participating members will solve and introduce solutions to presented problems.  Please refer to the Competition page, for more information about the competition.