Community Engagement

The Department of Computer Science regularly hosts, supports, and contributes to projects, symposiums, workshops, and conferences.

Open Source Software Development
  • CIRDLES - Open-source development projects:
    • Ambapo - From the Swahili word for "where," allows for the conversion of latitude and longitude, between any two geodetic datums.
    • CHRONIMobile app for Android devices that supports ET_Redux in the field.
    • ET_Redux - CIRDLES' flagship data-processing and workflow automation software for geochronologists.
    • MARS - Middleware for Assisting with the Registration of Samples - prototypes an automated approach for use with SESAR.
    • Obsidian – A unit test generator for java built for the JUnit framework.
    • SquidData processing software for SHRIMP mass spectrometers sponsored by Geoscience Australia
    • Topsoil - Community-driven replacement for Isoplot.
    • Tripoli - Imports mass spectrometer raw data files and supports their interactive review.  
  • JythonMusic - Open source environment for music making and creative programming activities.