Harbor Walk After 5

Harbor Walk After 5 is an annual event concluding the Spring Semester Senior Capstone Projects (Computer Science 462: Software Engineer Practicum, Computing in the Arts 495: Capstone Practicum, and Data Science 495: Data Science Capstone) with a poster session, demos, and 'industry projects' presentations.  Below are links to the students' presentations and additional information about each project for Harbor Walk After 5 2020.

CGI Federal

 The Unified Invoicing System consolidates input from four separate invoice submission
systems into a global FIFO priority queue.  Invoices in the queue may then be distributed
to workers automatically or by managers through a web-based frontend.

Paul Dierskheide 

A user-centered redesign of the current student portal to be more attractive, effective, and efficient.

The Kent Monkeys

 Getting its start in Australia in 2012, Open Food Network is a platform that connects farmers with the resources they need to set up a marketplace and build a network with other farmers to expand their customer reach. For more information, click here.

Gabby Krauss

SC Health Webcomic is an interactive comic teachers can utilize with their students to create an online interactive learning experience. 

Bosch Tool Monitor 

A tool management website that allows users to add, modify, search,
sort and delete tools used to manufacture fuel injectors used in car engines.

Pandas is an open source software library written for Python that helps simplify data structures and
data analysis. It is one of the most popular libraries for data manipulation
and is widely used in the field of Data Science.
For more information, click here.

SC Ports Authoriy

Our project's purpose is to create a new database with better response times, reliability
and user experience. It will allow for the migration of all data from the current
database and continue to integrate with the existing systems. 

Booz Allen Hamilton

Using this system, a Booz Allen administrator can view current employees,
their title (i.e. Software Engineer), their talents (i.e. Java, C#), and the projects they.

Team Databytes

SciKit-Learn is an open-source software that enables predictive data analysis.
Built in Python on the foundations of NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib, SciKit-Learn makescomplex
statistical models easily applicable to datasets in a range of contexts. 
For more information, click here.


We are building a web application for recommending the proper health insurance plans for users
by means of guiding the user through a simple and pleasant user interface to make a profile of information.
That information is then used to predict the user’s optimal health care plan. 
The optimal plan/s will also have information displayed to the user for their convenience.

Computer Aid Incorporated

Nudge is an app that allows users to have a list of items they’d like to purchase.
The app then notifies the user when they are within a certain mileage of a store that sells an item on their list. 

Team Angst

OpenPetra is an administration software for nonprofit organizations and a humanitarian
opensource software project.
For more information, click here.  


The Makerspace Management system will allow for the individual machines in the
Blackbaud Makerspace to be reserved, rather than the whole room.

Team Putter 

Our goal was to contribute to a software called TensorFlow and help fix the bugs and
other issues that other users have left on their bug tracker forum.  
For more information, click here.

Team Seawolves Again Redux

Mozilla is a company focused on open-source development of many popular
software including Firefox and Thunderbird.  
For more information, click here.

Team Temp Name

Sonic Pi is a complete open source programming environment originally designed to explore and
teach programming concepts within schools through the process of music composition.
For more information, click here.

Team Sleep Deprived

The Experience of Joining the Mozilla Open Source Community and Contributing to the Firefox Desktop.  
For more information, click here

Team Lab Rats 

Sugar Labs is a free and open source educational resource for children. It provides games and learning
exercises to desktop and online platforms written in Python and Javascript respectively.
For more information, click here.

Team Null Set 

The open-source software project we were working with was Zulip, a competitor to Slack.  
For more information, click here.


Our project allows a hypothetical solar panel company to automatically detect
when repairs may be needed based on storm data, and track the repair process. 

Bosch Robot Report<

Our project is to fully develop a system of applications to communicate with a Staubli TX80
assembly line robotic arm. With these we will be able to perform tests both
manually and automatically and receive data to track and display percentage of error. 

Team 4.1 

Whonix: Automated Testing Suite is a behavior-driven testing framework developed to access
the functionality of Whonix features, behaviors, and graphical interfaces. 
For more information, clicke here.

Team Articulate Lizards

OpenMRS is a digital medical records system designed to allow for easy access and usage of records
in developing countries, and the community relies on the software to
connect volunteer medical personnel with individuals in need of healthcare.
For more information, click here.