CS Student Ambassadors

Computer Science Student Ambassadors are a select group of students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and exemplary student leadership. Computer Science Student Ambassadors are dedicated to serving and representing the Department of Computer Science at the College of Charleston. If you have a question about the computer science student experience at the College of Charleston, or would like to speak with a Computer Science Student Ambassador, please contact Marilee Henry, Program Coordinator, at smithmd@cofc.edu.

2019-2020 CS Student Ambassadors

Name: Matthew Brian Anuszkiewicz

High School: Milton High School. Milton, GA
Class of: 2020
Awards and Honors: N/A
Why CofC: When I graduated high school I went to The University of Alabama for Mechanical Engineering. Then I went to the University of Alabama Huntsville for Aerospace Engineering. Then I changed my major to computer IT and went to Trident. Then I changed my major again to Computer Science and came to Cofc thanks to Dr. van Delden. 
Career Goals:  I want to be a software developer for a place like Boeing. Honestly, I would love to make cool stuff work. 
Interesting/Fun Fact about Yourself: I have a twin his name is Mark. During the summer I help out with the Turtle Patrol on Kiawah Island. 
Email Address: anuszkiewiczmb@g.cofc.edu

Name: Pangur Brougham-Cook

High School: South Carolina Governors School for Arts and Humanities (SCGSAH)
Class of: 2020
Awards and Honors: WiC President, Robbie Cushing Computing in the Arts Research Assistantship,
Why CofC: I wanted to study something with music without following a performance major, so I became interested in Music Technology. College of Charleston provided me with a unique major of Computing in the Arts where I could follow my love for music, while also learning an extremely useful skill of coding.
Career Goals:  UI/UX Designer
Interesting/Fun Fact about Yourself: I have a metal collarbone
Email Address: broughamcookpj@g.cofc.edu

Name: Terence Carey

High School: Crown Leadership Academy
Class of: 2023
Awards and Honors: Honors College, Aiken Fellow, Elite Edge Scholar, President's List
Why CofC: I was a dual enrollment student at CofC for a couple of years while I was in high school.  During that time I made connections with faculty members that I couldn't see myself making at any other college.  The early opportunities for undergraduate research were also a big part of the reason I chose CofC.
Career Goals:  I hope to get a Ph.D. and work at a university as a professor.
Interesting/Fun Fact about Yourself: My parents were the founders of the school I went to 3rd grade through 12th grade. 
Email Address: careyt@g.cofc.edu

Name: Isabel Lally

High School: California Academy of Math and Science
Class of: 2021
Awards and Honors: Women in Computing Vice President, MUSC Biomedical Informatics Intern, Computer Science Ambassador
Why CofC: I planned on majoring in computer science and College of Charleston made it possible for me while being able to commute.  I just happened to end up in a great department with amazing people!  
Career Goals: I'd like to end up either at an aerospace company or working in bioinformatics.
Interesting/Fun Fact about Yourself: I work as a veterinary assistant on the weekends.
Email Address: lallyir@g.cofc.edu

Name: Anthony Morrell

High School: St. Anthony Village High School
Class of: 2019
Awards and Honors: 4+1 student, Leading Edge recipient, lead TA for CSCI 220, former CSL tutor
Why CofC: My family moved to South Carolina while I was finishing high school. I was intrigued by C of C's good location and highly-regarded CS department. After a tour of Harbor Walk, I was hooked.
Career Goals: After getting my Master's degree, I'd like to continue pursuing my interest in software engineering.
Interesting/Fun Fact about Yourself: I know 50 digits of pi.
Email Address: morrellaj@g.cofc.edu

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