High Performance Computing

Our existing (older) cluster is a 26-node 84-processor high-performance clustered supercomputer with 1.5Terabytes of local storage and 4Terabytes of networked storage. The cluster is managed by an automated scheduling and resource allocation system wich runs on top of a customized 64-bit Linux operating system. The computer nodes are p-Class server blades from HP with 64-bit AMD Opteron single-core and multi-core processors and are interconnected with dual gigabit Ethernet. The cluster is used by faculty members from departments across the School of Science and Mathematics including Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics.

Our new system is a 16-node 256-processor machine with 256Gigabytes of RAM and has the same shared storage capabilities as the earlier system. We also intend to increase system memory to 1Terabyte (2GB/cpu core) and expand its shared storage capacity. The new system maintains the older dual gigabit Ethernet for compatibility with the old system, but also has a faster 10 gigabit Ethernet network.

The cluster is not accessible from outside the campus network by design (external access through VPN only). However, the College of Charleston maintains a high-bandwidth research network (1 gigabit) connection that provides access to other state and national computational resources.