Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's (4+1) Program

The Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's (4+1) Program allows qualifying undergraduates to complete a BS degree in Computer Science in four years, followed by the completion of a Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences in one additional year. Admittance into the program allows undergraduates in computer science to take graduate courses in place of undergraduate courses. Undergraduates are required to accomplish graduate course performance expectations.

  • Students in this program will apply to the M.S. in Computer and Information Sciences program during the final semester of their bachelor’s degree.
  • Students in this program, upon admission to the Graduate School, may apply up to 12 credit hours of graduate-level course work towards their M.S. Degree in Mathematical Sciences.
  • Only graduate level courses in which the student obtained a B or better may be applied to the M.S. Degree.
  • Students should plan to take the following some or all of the 4 courses in their senior year (a total of 4 graduate courses and no more that 2 graduate courses per semester while still an undergraduate student are allowed):
    • CSIS 601 taught every spring (replaces CSCI 431)
    • CSIS 602 taught every fall (replaces CSCI 362)
    • CSIS 604 taught every fall (replaces a CSCI elective)
    • CSIS 605 taught every spring (replaces CSCI 310)
    • There are other course substitution options, see the graduate program director for advice

 Undergraduate Eligibility Requirements:

  • Matriculated at the College of Charleston

  • Declared major is BS Computer Science

  • Earned at least 90 credit hours

  • Successfully completed CSCI 230, CSCI 250, at least one CSCI course numbered 310 or above (excluding CSCI 397, 399 and 499), and MATH 307, including all prerequisites for these courses (CSCI 220/L or  CSCI 218/L, CSCI 221, Math 207, for a minimum of 22 credit hours required)

  • Major GPA >= 3.5 at time of application

  • Overall GPA >= 3.2 at time of application

  • Two letters of recommendation by the Computer Science faculty

For additional information:


Application for CS 4+1 Program - Submit to Dr. Renee McCauley

Permission for an Undergraduate Student to Take a Graduate Course - Must be completed for each graduate course taken as an undergraduate


Computer and Information Sciences Course Substitution Map (updated January 28, 2022):

A 4+1 student can take a course from the column on the left; it will count in their undergraduate transcript as the course on the right.

Graduate Course

Undergraduate Course

CSIS 601: Data Modeling and Database Design

CSCI 431: Database Concepts

CSIS 602: Foundations of Software Engineering

CSCI 362: Software Engineering

CSIS 605: Applied Algorithms

CSCI 310: Advanced Algorithms

CSIS 612: Advanced Computer Architecture (Prerequisite: CSCI 350)

CSCI 450: Architecture of Advanced Computer Systems

CSIS 616: Automata Theory

CSCI 410: Automata and Formal Languages

CSIS 618: Principles of Programming Languages

CSCI 320: Programming Language Concepts

CSIS 632: Data Communication and Networking

CSCI 440: Computer Networks

CSIS 672: Human Computer Interaction

CSCI 380: User Interface Development

CSIS 674: Introduction to Computer Graphics

CSCI 480: Principles of Computer Graphics


A 4+1 student can take any of the courses below; it will count as CSCI 490 in their undergraduate transcript.

CSIS 603: Object-Oriented Design Patterns

CSIS 604: Distributed Computer Systems Architecture

CSIS 614: Advanced Operating Systems (Prerequisite: CSCI 340 or 604)

CSIS 631: Principles of Computer Security

CSIS 634: Project Change and Management

CSIS 635: Fundamentals of Agile Project Management

CSIS 638: Advanced Topics in Database Systems (Prerequisite: CSCI 332 or CSIS 601 or 604)

CSIS 641: Advanced Cybersecurity (Prerequisite: CSCI 345 or (CSIS 631 & 632))

CSIS 654: Software Requirements Analysis and Specifications (Prerequisite: CSCI 362)

CSIS 656: Software Systems Design and Implementation (Prerequisite: CSCI 362)

CSIS 658: Software Testing and Maintenance (Prerequisite: CSCI 362)

CSIS 659: Service-Oriented Computing

CSIS 690: Special Topics

CSIS 691 Independent Study


Note: a student may count at most 12 credits of graduate work toward their undergraduate degree and may take no more than 12 total graduate credits and no more that 6 graduate credits per semester while still and undergraduate.