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Cybersecurity Club

What is the College of Charleston Cybersecurity Club?

College of Charleston’s Cybersecurity Club is a student-led, student-run group within the Computer Science department that focuses on the security and privacy within all realms of information technology. We leverage a variety of disciplines, levels of expertise, and experiences in order to provide a full learning experience for all of our members.

When does the College of Charleston Cybersecurity Club meet and what do we do?

Our club members meet 2-4 times a week in order to develop our skills, knowledge and understanding of all aspects of security to include mobile security (cell phones and tablets), web security (PHP, SQL), desktop and laptop security (routers, switches), various flavors of OSs (Kali, Ubuntu, Windows) and various flavors of languages (PowerShell, Python, Ruby). 

Formal meetings are held every Tuesday during the academic semester at Harbor Walk East Room 301 at 12:45 pm to discuss club business, like fundraising and club events, as well as scheduled lectures and discussions on specific security topics.  Additional times will be scheduled, but are meant for team building and geeking out on the keyboards to obtain the hands on experience needed to succeed in the workforce of today.

Do I have what it takes to be a member?

Although our members mainly consists of students within the Computer Science department, all majors are welcomed! The only thing you need to be successful in our club is to have the drive and passion to learn security, we’ll teach you the rest.