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CS Student Ambassadors

Computer Science Student Ambassadors are a select group of students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and exemplary student leadership. Computer Science Student Ambassadors are dedicated to serving and representing the Department of Computer Science at the College of Charleston. If you have a question about the computer science student experience at the College of Charleston, or would like to speak with a Computer Science Student Ambassador, please contact Marilee Henry, Program Coordinator, at

2018-2019 CS Student Ambassadors

Willam Blanchett
William Blanchett, Senior
Major: B.A. Computer Science and Computing in the Arts (Music Concentration)
Hometown: Marion, SC
Campus Achievements: Honors College William Aiken Fellow, Wind Ensemble Percussionist, CS Ambassador, Magazine article
Career Goals: I have accepted an offer for Boeing's IT Career Foundational Program and continue to explore my interests in development and UX.
Why CS@CofC: I chose CofC because of the people and the location. As I visited the College, I could imagine myself living here, and the people in my department are amazing!
Fun Fact: I’ve willingly biked the Ravenel bridge multiple times
Email Address:
CS Student Ambassador
Gabrielle Cozart, Graduate Student
Major: M.S. Computer and Information Sciences
Concentration: Software Engineering
Hometown: Conway, SC
Campus Achievements: BS Computer Science Cum Laude Graduate (4+1 Program), Lab Instructor/TA for CSCI 220, CIRDLES Research Assistant, Association for Computing Machinery Club President, Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society Vice President,  Palmetto Fellows Scholar
Career Goals: I currently do a lot of mobile app development so my career goal focus would to contribute to the development of current mobile operating systems. I am also very interested in IOT devices and would like to develop AI for IOT integration. I love innovation, so I would love to work on the next big thing.
Why CS@CofC: My journey with CS@CofC happened mostly by chance. Much of my family went to CofC and therefore wanted me to tour the school. I did not think I would want to go but fell in love instantly. After committing to Charleston, and struggling with my idea for declaring a major, a friend simply asked me why I hadn’t yet considered Computer Science. I’m not sure what was going through my mind and why I didn’t think of it sooner. I have always loved creating solutions, solving problems, critical thinking, and technology in general. After the simple suggestion, I was all in. Thankfully I committed to such a wonderful program just by chance.
Fun Fact: I have seven siblings
CS Student Ambassador
Rex Ferrer, Sophomore
Major: B.S. Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida
Campus Achievements: 2018 Richard Crosby Computer Science Endowment Award Recipient, President's List, Computer Science Tutor, Google Student Veterans of America Scholar
Career Goals: I hope to become a Marshall Scholar and earn a Master of Science in Software Engineering and then another in Artificial Intelligence(A.I.). With this knowledge, I'll strive to become an expert in applied A.I. and to improve the general public's education on A.I. I also hope to become a role model and an example for fellow veterans and non-traditional students who are considering going to college.
Why CS@CofC: This is a rapidly growing program with an excellent professor to student classroom ratio. There a lot of opportunities in undergraduate research and department engagement, and the department has strong relationships with the local tech industry. These are the reasons why I chose CofC over the other schools in the area.
Fun Fact: I served in the US Navy for 8 and a half years as a Nuclear Electrician's Mate, I've only been coding for a year and a half, and I interned at Google during the Summer of 2018 in Mountain View, CA.
CS Student Ambassador
Sophia Frankel, Sophomore
Major: B.S. Computer Science
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Campus Achievements: Student Government Association Secretary, CS Student Worker/Tour guide, Religious Chair of Hillel, Vice President of ACM Programming Club, Honors College
Career Goals: Continue to explore my interest in software development
Why CS@CofC: I came from a small high school and wanted that same feeling of knowing my teachers and peers in college. Not only does the computer science department offer that, but everyone is so passionate about what they are working on that its hard to not want to be here!
Fun Fact: I have two cats
CS Student Ambassador
Chloe Stapleton, Sophomore
Major: B.S. Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: Isle of Palms, SC
Campus Achievements: Leading Edge Scholar, CyberSecurity X Lab researcher, ACM President, Honors Engaged REACH Liaison, Grace Hopper Scholar 2018 
Career Goals: To work in a fun and collaborative environment where I can help make something beneficial to the world
Why CS@CofC: I wanted a rigorous computer science program that was still part of a liberal arts school. I also love the fact that our department has its own campus. The actual space is amazing, plus the tight-knit group of faculty and students allows you to get very involved with the department.
Fun Fact: I have a dog named Louis
CS Student Ambassador
Mackenzie Schaich, Senior
Major: B.S. Data Science
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: Milton, GA
Campus Achievements: Honors College, William Aikens Fellow, CSL Computer Science Tutor, Research Assistant in Machine Learning and Medical Image Analysis Lab
Career Goals: Become a data scientist at an innovative company in the automotive industry. 
Why CS@CofC: I chose CofC because of their unique data science program. Once I visited, my college decision was so clear. I knew I would love the beautiful city, the close-knit campus, and the supportive CS department. 
Fun Fact: I've had all 40 milkshake flavors at Cookout!!