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Success starts with great advising.  Students are advised by our advisors in the Advising Center until a major is declared.  In Computer Science, advising is required and enjoyed by all.  Professors and your advisor/mentor will get to know you and vice versa.  Building a professional and supportive relationship is the highest value.  

When You Declare a Computer Science Major:

You will be assigned an advisor, can request an advisor, or change advisor at any time.  You can view your Advisor on Degree Works. Feel free to contact your advisor with any questions.  

You will be allowed access to student work areas by card swipe.  If you do not have access, please fill out the Declared CS Student Form and you will be notified of access within 72 hours.  

General Information

Appointments typically last for at least 20 minutes, but consider a longer appointment to talk more broadly about your educational and career goals. The tech industry is looking for creative, intelligent computer scientists who are specialized in a technical skill set, problem solving, communication, and who know how to learn quickly.  In addition to planning courses for the semester, we encourage students to discuss the following goals with your advisor:

  • What are all of my degree options? 
  • Is a research project possible? Many CS students are involved in faculty-led research, independent studies, or a bachelor's essay.
  • Do I want an internship as another way to learn?  Strongly recommended for all CS majors, internships generally take place the summer of the junior-senior year, full-time, and are available locally or across the United States.  
  • What are my study abroad options, and does it work with my course schedule?  Wilth no extra cost to you, our study abroad opportunities are specifically designed for CS majors, and all are encouraged to participate during spring semester of junior year.  
  • Should I consider graduate school, and how do I go about preparing?  

To see course descriptions, check the catalog. For questions or concerns, please contact your advisor for assistance.

How to Prepare & What to Bring

Here are a few tips to help you make the best of your advising session:

  • Directly contact your Advisor for an appointment.
  • Show up for your appointment and be on time.
  • Come to your advising appointment prepared.
    • Bring a printout of your degree audit.
    • Bring a list of potential courses for the next semester and beyond.
  • Communicate clearly with your advisor what your goals are and any questions that you may have.
  • Most importantly, build a relationship. All CS Faculty have set office hours and are also available by appointment throughout the entire semester, so take advantage of it!

Approved Course Meeting Times

Course Offering Pattern

To help you plan out your courses, with the help of your advisor, check out the course offering pattern. This will show you which courses the department plans to offer in the next several years. Course offerings, however, are always subject to change.


Refusal of Student Advising Form
Each semester, a registration hold is placed on all Computer Science, Data Science, Computing in the Arts, and Information Systems majors. Students must meet with their advisor who will then remove the hold. If there are circumstances in which a student is unable to meet with his/her advisor, then he/she must print and complete a Refusal of Student Advising form. The form can be submitted to the Front Desk at Harbor Walk East, 320A. Please allow one business day for processing of the Refusal of Student Advising Form.  (If you submit the form on Friday, then it will be completed by 5:00pm, the following Monday.)

Advisor Request Form

If you would like to change advisors, please fill out the form and submit to Marilee Henry in Harbor Walk East, Room 322.