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Course Registration

General Information

To see course descriptions, check the catalog. For questions or concerns, please contact Stephanie Smith for assistance.

Class Scheduling

Avoid scheduling classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:45pm - 1:55 pm.  This is the Computer Science Department's meeting time frame for seminars, club meetings, and lunch together.

Registration Holds

Before you have completed an advising session, a registration hold will be placed on your account. In order to sign up for courses, you must either meet with your advisor as most students do (and is HIGHLY recommended), or fill out a Refusal of Student Advising form. The form must be completed and turned into Stephanie Smith, Harbor Walk East 318.

Changing Majors/Minors

If you wish to change your major or minor, go to MyCharleston for more information.

Undergraduate Catalog

Non-Major Computer Science Courses

The following are available non-major CS course offerings:


Refusal of Student Advising Form
Each semester a registration hold is placed on all Computer Science, Data Science, Computing in the Arts, and Information Systems majors. Students must meet with their advisor who will then remove the hold. If there are circumstances in which a student is unable to meet with his/her advisor, then he/she must print and complete a Refusal of Student Advising form. The form can be submitted to Stephanie Smith at Harbor Walk East, Office 318.  Please allow one business day for processing of the Refusal of Student Advising Form.  (If you submit the form on Friday, it will be completed by 5:00pm, the following Monday.)

Student Waiver
If you are going on a trip with the department, please print and complete this form. Submit the completed form to Harbor Walk East, 318, Stephanie Smith.

Advisor Request Form

If you would like to change advisors, please fill out the google form which will be sent to Harbor Walk East, 318, Stephanie Smith.

Office of the Registrar Forms

Many other useful forms can be found at the Office of the Registrar page. Check this site for forms to withdraw from a course, request a course overload, pass/fail request, repeat course form, etc.

Fall 2017 Wait List
The purpose of the wait list is for students who need a Computer Science course, but the course is full.  If you have a request for a course other than Computer Science, please contact the department that offers that particular course.  You will be notified, via email, when or if you are enrolled into your requested course from the wait list.  To access this form, please sign into gmail only with your CofC credentials.

Additional Notes:

  • Please email Sebastian van Delden for Student Prerequisite/Corequisite Override requests.
  • If you have registered for courses but cannot see courses on OAKS, please contact IT Help Desk