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Undergraduate Programs

When you finish a degree in computer science, you are highly valued by industry, governments, entrepreneurs and graduate schools. With a computer science degree, jobs are plentiful even in a depressed economy! Starting salaries tend to range between $50K and $65K for the southeast market, not including signing bonuses and stock options, a higher for the northeast and west coast.

Why pursue a major in Computer Science?

Major in Computer Science - Bachelor of Science

  • Catalog and course information
  • Download Brochure (pdf)
  • Degree Worksheet (pdf)
  • Program Educational Objectives
    • The educational objectives of the B.S. in Computer Science program at The College of Charleston are to produce graduates who, in the time when their undergraduate education can have the most significant impact on their lives as emerging professionals in the discipline (3 – 5 years after graduation):
    1. understand the fundamental principles and techniques of computer science, mathematics, and scientific inquiry and can apply them in solving real-world problems appropriate to the discipline;
    2. are familiar with current, widely-accepted computing practices in industry and can use them to effect high-quality, computer-based solutions to real world problems involving emerging technologies;
    3. can communicate effectively, both orally and in writing and can collaborate effectively with others.
    4. appreciate the need to continually extended their knowledge through both self-directed learning and more formal continuing education opportunities.
    5. appreciate some of the ethical, societal, and global issues associated with the computing field.

Major in Computer Science - Bachelor of Arts

Major in Computer Information Systems - Bachelor of Science

Major in Discovery Informatics - Bachelor of Science

Major in Computing in the Arts - Bachelor of Arts

Are you majoring in Biology, Communication or Business? By completing one of the minors in computing you will distinguish yourself from your competition for med school, graduate school or the job market. Learn to think and create in new ways within your current major.

Minor in Computational Thinking

Minor in Computer Science

Minor in Information Systems

Minor in Discovery Informatics