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Computer Science 4+1 Program

The Computer Science 4+1 Program allows qualifying undergraduates to complete a BS degree in Computer Science in four years, followed by the completion of a Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences in one additional year. Admittance into the program allows undergraduates in computer science to take graduate courses as undergraduates. Undergraduates are required to accomplish graduate course performance expectations.

 Undergraduate Eligibility Requirements:

  • Matriculated at the College of Charleston
  • Declared major is BS Computer Science
  • Earned at least 60 credit hours
  • Successfully completed CSCI 230, CSCI 250, CSCI 340, and MATH 307, including all prerequisites for these courses (which includes CSCI 220, CSCI 220L, CSCI 221, Math 207, for a minimum of 22 credit hours required)
  • Major GPA >= 3.5 at time of application
  • Overall GPA >= 3.0 at time of application
  • Two letters of recommendation by the Computer Science faculty

For additional information:


Application for CS 4+1 Program - Submit to Dr. Renee McCauley

Permission for an Undergraduate Student to Take a Graduate Course - Must be completed for each graduate course taken as an undergraduate

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